General Information
Phylogeny and Classification of the Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution (Hardcover)
by Charles G. Sibley, Jon E. Ahlquist

Phylogenetic relationships of birds (review)
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Diversification analysis
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=> All extent 9,9993 bird species were assigned to 158 clades identified using a backbone phylogeny (Hackett et al. 2008).

Phylogenetics analysis and divergence time estimation of birds
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Phylogenetic relationships of birds
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Divergence time estimation of galliforms
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Divergence time estimation of Columbiformes
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Phylogenetic relationships and divergence times of penguins
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Phylogenetic relationships and divergence times of parrots
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Phylogenetic relationships of Charadriiformes
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Related Articles, Links RAG-1 sequences resolve phylogenetic relationships within Charadriiform birds.
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